Job seekers can use shareable cards to create resume and list it with recruiters by tapping their number.
Display Your Expertise
You can showcase your achievements, past internships, work experience, your skills, etc and ensure when recruiters see your CV -- It dazzles them to the core.
Get The Exposure You Need
Why be a lone wolf when you can list your profile with recruitment agencies, colleges, and companies to strengthen your network and receive enough exposure needed to find your dream job?
Find Freelance Gigs
It takes time to find your dream job. Meanwhile, why not take up a few freelance projects listed on Maaxo and earn a healthy side-income to keep the wheel rolling.
Get Invited For Jobs
You’ve put up a stellar resume on Maaxo? Well, a recruiter may see it anytime and get so bedazzled, you just might get invited for a job -- or multiple jobs. Also, people can ask you for consulting gigs after seeing your expertise in your niche.
Be The Early Bird
Get on the platform early and get the most exposure. As they rightly say, “Get there early and you won’t see a line.”
Download the app NOW and use it for FREE as you earn and spend the reward points.
Connect With College Community
Students can connect with peers, alumni, and recruiters. And cut back on expenses by connecting with pocket-friendly vendors or by finding fun roommates.
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Want To Fill Your College With recruiters?
Turn a mobile number into an online hiring platform to attract more recruiters and place more talent.
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