Recruitment Consultants
Turn Your Mobile Number Into An Online Hiring Platform
See their faces light up as they click on your number and land right on your customized hiring platform. All you need is your mobile number and turn it into a premium-grade hiring platform within minutes.

With Maaxo, recruitment agencies across the globe can now connect with candidates, stand-out from the competition, and make more placements. With Maaxo, you get:
Explosive Outreach
Share your number to get explosive reach and capture leads on the go. Expand your network and beat the competition like never before.
Hassle-Free Listings
Agencies and employers can quickly list job openings with the “One-tap” feature. Employers can also find tons of skilled candidates fast using “Search and shortlist” feature.
Get Flooded By Skilled Candidates
Let the candidates list their profile (C.V) with a single tap on your number so you have hands-on data on skilled candidates—without using those ugly spreadsheets.
Also, candidates can easily find their dream job using “Search and shortlist” feature.
Tons Of Tools In One Place
You can have simple to use tools you need in one place—from creating “Events” and counting attendance to hassle-free appointments between employers, agencies, and candidates.
Be On The Cutting Edge
Every platform gets saturated at some time. The early adopters dominate it and late-comers fail to make a mark. Create your niche on Maaxo now to get the first-mover advantage.

With the Maaxo hiring platform under your belt, you can take your online presence to the next level. It’s your only stop for convenience, networking, and skyrocketing your business.
Download the app NOW and use it for FREE as you earn and spend the reward points.
Connect With College Community
Students can find career-building opportunities while connecting with college peers, recruiters, and alumni—for free.
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Looking For Your Dream Job?
Job seekers can use shareable cards to create resume and list it with recruiters by tapping their number.
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