College Hangout Spot
Turn Your Mobile Number Into Your College Hangout Spot
You know, having a fun place on the internet where you can stay connected with peers, share stuff with them and just chill-out is such a cool idea.

With Maaxo, you can now turn your number into one such place where you can:

Develop Leadership Skills
By creating a Maaxo platform, you can learn how to lead the masses, manage people, and get things done. This will portray you as the leader of the community and will also be highly beneficial for your career in the future.
Connect with Peers
You can now connect with Cool college-mates for Group-study sessions, hanging out at the local cafe or weekend football matches. Or gather the college crowd for the next EDM party at your place. Sounds fun, ain’t it?
Cut Back On Expenses
You can make a quick buck on the platform by lending books, furniture, or other stuff you don’t need. You can also buy these essentials on the platform and avoid buying overpriced materials. Also, share rides with your peers to have a blast while also saving your allowances.
Build Your Network
Stay connected with your alumni to expand your reach, learn from their expenses, find exciting internships while also getting job references from them.
Find The Best Deals
You can also find college administration approved, pocket-friendly booksellers or food vendors who provide delicious home-cooked food, right on the platform.
Already Graduated?
Worry not. Never feel alone while moving to new cities — always stay connected with your college community! Find flat-mates on the platform —wherever you move. Also, share your experiences with juniors and help them out in the journey you have already traveled.
Download the app NOW and use it for FREE as you earn and spend the reward points.
Looking For Your Dream Job?
Job seekers can use shareable cards to create resume and list it with recruiters by tapping their number.
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Want To Fill Your College With recruiters?
Turn a mobile number into an online hiring platform to attract more recruiters and place more talent.
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